Design Course

“Design” means “(to prepare) projects, plans, drafting, or patterns.” The phrase “Architectural Design” might generally be associated with the image of “drafting.” However, architecture is a container to cocoon various human activities, and students who aspire to its creation will find out that they must learn quite a few things.

Students in the Architectural Design Course are encouraged to have a broad field of vision and diverse viewpoints in studying architectural and city “designs.” With the main focus on drafting skills, they will learn a variety of subjects, such as fundamental knowledge of architecture and city planning, design theory and methods, and Japanese and western architectural history. The goal of this course is to consider architectural “design” based on the organic integration of these extensive studies.

Ishida lab
Uchida+Suzaki lab
Sogabe+Yoshioka lab
Nakai lab
Yamaga+Ueno lab