Disaster Risk Academic Frontier

Project Name

Academic Frontier Promotion Project of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2005-2009)

Research Theme

Research on the Creation of an Integrated Hardware/Software Risk Management System for Reduction of Natural Disaster Risks

Research Content

Japan has a high incidence of natural disasters, including earthquakes and typhoons. The range of natural disasters varies widely, depending on the combination of natural phenomena causing disasters and social environments triggering disasters, so it is necessary to efficiently prevent and reduce disasters through risk evaluations by the allocation of prediction evaluations of natural phenomena and current assessments of social systems. The appropriate risk management based on risk evaluations is very important. This research targets the development of technology which unifies the ways, from the standpoint of both hardware and software, of preparations for natural disasters. Also, we pursue the establishment of the best methods for risk management and the technological development to implement them by assessing risks to reduce such disasters.


Department of Architecture: Professor Takahisa Enomoto (Director)
Department of Architecture: Professor Mamoru Iwata, Professor Takeshi Okuma, Professor Fumitoshi Kiya, Professor Kazushi Shimazaki, Professor Kyoko Yamaga
Faculty of Economics: Associate Professor Yoshio Kaneko, Associate Professor Koji Sato
Department of Architecture: TA Hideo Ogawa, TA Toshio Yamamoto, TA Shoichi Shimomura, Technical Assistant Toshimasa Murai, Technical Assistant Izumi Igarashi, Technical Assistant Toshiaki Kobayashi

Collaborating Research Institutes:
Institute for Fire Safety & Disaster Preparedness, Technical Research Institute/OBAYASHI Corp./Pacific Consultants Co., LTD. General Research Institute/ABSG Consulting Inc./KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc./Izumi Sohken Engineering Co., Ltd./Institute of Disaster Policy & Information Society