Environment Course

Since ancient times, architecture has been challenged to create new spaces and forms. These days, supported by advances in science and technology, various buildings are being created, including atriums, auditoriums and intelligent buildings, by deepening the relationship with other science and engineering fields. As well, we need to endeavor to improve the quality of architectural spaces in order to practically utilize these spaces as a base for living and various activities. In the architectural field of environment and facilities, there are many cases utilizing cutting-edge science technologies, such as computerized environmental analysis of both the inside and outside of buildings, control of indoor environment, development and improvement of architectural facilities. We also need to answer social demands, including energy conservation, resource recycling, and reduction of the global environmental impact. From this standpoint, we aim to study with a focus on the science and engineering aspects of environment and facilities in the Architectural Environment Course.

Iwamoto+Dempoya lab
Okuyama+Yoshiura lab
Yasuda lab