Iwamoto+Dempoya lab

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To create a better architectural environment for both human beings and the Earth

In brief, the subject of our study is the creation of a thermal environment in which one feels neither hot nor cold, and air quality that is not contaminated, but clean. Our main study themes are numerical calculation and experiments with test subjects. Both postgraduate and graduate students from the laboratory independently pursue research with numerical calculation and experiments. Each member of our lab is working hard to achieve new findings, even working until late at night on experiments or struggling to find the correct answers for calculations. Focusing on what measures can be considered to reduce global environmental impact by architectural facilities, we are now particularly studying hot water facilities in hotels and individual houses. Though we are still a new group, we are achieving our study objectives step by step.

Undergraduate Research Themes Study on Effects of Reducing Air Conditioning Impact by Introducing Green Roofs/Study on Examination on a Thermal Efficiency and Heat Loss of Hot Water Supply System in Dwellings/Study on Influence on Indoor Thermal Environment and Air Quality with Natural Air Supply Opening/etc.

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