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To consider how a comfortable space should be from the broad perspective of the 21st century

Architectural environment engineering is a relatively new field. This is the field that realizes and looks after comfortable spaces to live and use, including rich light and shadow, silence and good sounds, refreshing healthy air, restful pure water, and the infrastructure for civilized life such as multimedia. The lack of such space would lead to producing massive waste within decades. As the young people living in the 21st century with its environmental problems, globalization and informatization, you should prepare for the changing time by establishing respective special techniques as well as placing great value upon developing basic abilities such as language proficiency and adaptability to the information society. “Have a dream. Improve yourself and fly into the world.” With this motto, our study group gives priority to enriching each person’s university life. I would like you to do your best at accomplishing all you want to do, gaining good friends and stepping into society with confidence.

Undergraduate Research Themes Numerical Analysis on Sound Insulation Characteristics of Pair-glass Windows Lighting Simulation with 3D-CAD Data/In-situ Measurements of Impulse Response in the Sound Field/Implementation of an Automatic 3D-CAD of Duct Networks/etc.

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