Program Name

Architectural Specialty Program


Architecture and Architecture-related Fields

Program Features

Today, there has been rapid progress in the social and living environment around us, and it is supported by various types of information and advanced technology. For this reason, the social and technical needs in the field of architecture are complex and diverse. Our university is located in the international city of Yokohama, where there is an accumulation of domestic and foreign information, and advanced technology. We have attracted young people with an ardent passion for learning and high motivation, and nurturing human resources who will contribute to society. In accordance with our tradition, we have considered our educational philosophy from its foundation, and then, according to our educational philosophy, we have developed JABEE accredited programs, which are composed of specific special areas in three architectural fields: “Architectural Design Specialty Program,” “Architectural Structure System Specialty Program,” “Architectural Environment System Specialty Program.”

Program Achievements

In JABEE accredited programs, students learn both the basic knowledge of architecture that is common in each program, and also master the more highly specialized knowledge specific to each program. We advance the cultivation of architectural engineers with the following abilities:

・Wider vision and sophistication
・Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of engineers
・The practical ability to create safer, more comfortable space
・The ability to understand wide-ranging social needs and adapt to rapid technological changes in the field of architecture
・A continuous and self-sustaining learning ability to adapt to diverse social change
・The ability to understand the social needs which make demands on the architectural field and solve them
・Presentation ability to explain one’s own consciousness
・Communication ability to be active in the international community

After reviewing elements for a successful judgment for JABEE accredited programs, we recognize that the following viewpoints are important issues.
・Clarification of learning and educational goals
・Relevance among each subject
・Clarification of each course’s content
・Communication and cooperation among teachers
・Heightening students’ motivation to learn
・Clarification of the specific effort to achieve learning and educational goal
・Evaluation of academic achievement for learning and educational goal

Up to now, there has been some lack in the above points, however, we would like to continue considering and furthering improvements to create an even more well-developed program.