TEDCOM Project

What is the TEDCOM Project?

Kanagawa University had promoted the redevelopment project of Yokohama Campus, with its major purpose being to make our school buildings more quake-resistant. As part of that plan, we started the following two projects at the end of 1999 with its core members coming from both the Faculty of Engineering’s Department of Architecture staff, and researchers in the Course of Architecture and Building Engineering of the Graduate School of Engineering.

“Research on the Development of Tools for Vibration Deadening/Seismic Isolation and Design Methods for Damage-control for the Purpose of Control and Reduction of Typhoon and Earthquake Disasters” as an “Academic Frontier Promotion Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology”: from 1999 to 2004 “Research on Disaster Prevention for Buildings against Earthquakes and Typhoons — Evaluation and Development of Tools for Vibration Deadening / Seismic Isolation” as part of the Yokohama City industry-university joint research project based on “Yokohama-shi Sangaku-Kyodo Kenkyu Center” We integrated both of these into one project titled “Typhoon and Earthquake-induced Disaster Control and Mitigation” (TEDCOM).

Research Organization

The TEDCOM project started with seven teaching staff from the Structural System of the Architectural Course in the Faculty of Engineering, Kanagawa University as its main members. Two extramural co-researchers joined them for the Academic Frontier Promotion Project; and for the industry-university joint research project, with the cooperation of seven companies, several instructors and engineers of the architectural course and students majoring in architecture in the Graduate School of Engineering also participated in the research. In 2000, a total of four practical researchers of architectural structure design and those researching the physicality of rubber and other materials, joined the group.


Researchers from Kanagawa University

Takeji Okuma (Director), Mamoru Iwata, Takahisa Enomoto, Kazushi Shimazaki, Hideo Ogawa, Toshio Yamamoto, Shoichi Shimomura, Fujio Oishi (since 2000)
Supporting Staff for Experiments:Izumi Igarashi, Masatoshi Murai

Research Results

We have released results of the TEDCOM Project to the public as observational data on strong earthquakes and high wind.
We have also held briefing sessions regarding the results .